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Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

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StahelPostofGAR.jpg (62058 bytes)                       Stahel Post 62 Monument                          GARinEHCCemeterycirca1898.jpg (79932 bytes)

             Gen. Stahel Post No. 62, G.A.R.                                                                              Post No. 62 at Memorial Dedication

                       ( L-R):    Louis Ertell, Henry Voss, William Morgenweck                                                         (L-r):       , Henry Voss(?),          , Frederick Washow, Joseph Schwickerath,

                                     Frederick Waschow,       ,  unknown, William Mischlich, Sr.,                                                     W. Hoheneisen, Gutnleen(?), monument, William Mischlich, Sr.,

                         Jacob Natter, John Prasch, George Rohrberg, Joseph Schwickerath,                                         Louis Ertell, Gustav Guenther, John Prasch, Jacob Natter,

                      Gustav Guenther, John Steuber, George Baulig (?)                                                                        William Morgenweck, Rudolph(?) Englehardt, Eli Boling


(Left & Right - Photos courtesy of the Egg Harbor Historical Society)

Stahel Post 62 Monument, Egg Harbor City Cemetery (Center Picture)


# Last Name 1st Name Mid. Regt. Birth Death Buried Rank Notes Addmiss. Address
1. Baulig George             1904, 1906, 1910    
2. Boling Eli             In picture in front of post monument.    
3. Bozarth Chas. H.           JVC 1919    
4. Dilks Isreal       1884     1885    
5. Englehardt               In picture in front of post monument.    
6. Ertell Edw.   Co. I, 3 NJ cav.   2/23/1918   Pvt. 1913, 1913-1914 Dept. roster, 1895, listed as Estell 1896, 1897 - 1910, 1911 - 1919   Pomerania
7. Ertell Louis             In picture in front of post monument.    
8. Fretochy John J.           PPC 1885, 1887, PC 1889    
9. Friedhoffer William             1917    
10. Fritschy S. J.           PPC 1887    
11. Gennord C.             1889    
12. Grunow Charles             1892. listed as Grunorr, 1893, 1894, 1898    
13. Guenther Gustavus             1887, 1892, 1915, 1917, In picture in front of post monument.    
14. Heinecker Charles       12/19/1893 Pleasantville, NJ Pvt. 71 yrs. old - 1894 in Memoriam    
15. Hoenerson William             1913, 1914, 1915, In picture in front of post monument.   Egg Harbor
16. Kreig John             1885    
17. Kreig William             1887, 1889   Egg Harbor
18. Mischlich William M.           PC 1903, 1913, 1914, PC 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897 - 1910, 1911 - 1915, In picture in front of post monument.   Egg Harbor
19. Mlotkowskie A.             1887    
20. Mlotkowskie C. S.             PC 1885, 1886,     
21. Mlotkowskie Stanislow             PC 1886, 87, PPC 1889, listed as Mloskowski PC 1892, 93, PPC 1894, 95, 96, 1898, 1900    
22. Morgenweek H.             1917    
23. Morgenwick Wm.             1897, 1900, 04, 07, 1908, 1915, In picture in front of post monument.    
24. Natter Jacob             In picture in front of post monument.    
25. Obergfell George       1896     Report 1897    
26. Prasch John             1904, In picture in front of post monument.    
27. Puenther Gus             1893    
28. Pultz F.             1886    
29. Rohrberg George             In picture in front of post monument.    
30. Saslman               1887    
31. Schwickerath John             In picture in front of post monument.    
32. Sprecht Charles       1885     1886    
33. Steuber John             1895, 1896, 1911, 1917. In picture in front of post monument.    
34. Voss Henry             1912, 1915, 1917, In picture in front of post monument.    
35. Washow Frederick             In picture in front of post monument.    
36. Weisserborn Francis             PPC 1885, 86, 87.    



January 19, 2016  -  Additional Information.                    ( Information will incorporated in above table.)

      Line 1   Baulig, George                                                            Co. G  3rd PA Hvy Art.                 1830-04APR1912     EHC Cem.

    Line 2    Boling, Eli           GAR Post Chaplain                                                                      28FEB1845-19FEB1929      EHC Cem

  Line 5    Engelhardt        Person in monument photo believed to be a son of  Joseph Engelhardt

    Line 6    Ertell, Edward                                                                                                         11JUL1847-24FEB1918      EHC Cem.


Line 7    Ertell, Louis      Mayor of EHC 1861-1865                                                             28JUL1817-27SEP1892      EHC Cem

  Line 8    and Line 10 refers to Capt. John J Fritschy                     Co.D 7th NJ Vol. Inf.           ca-1823     -30NOV1890    EHC Cem.

   (He had a son, Lt. John J Fritschy, Jr  (1844-1862) who died in a Philadelphia Military Hospital of wounds received at Williamsburg,VA) 

Line 9    Friedhofer,  William C                                                                                            04JUL1843-16JAN1917       EHC Cem

Line 13  Guenther, Gustavos                                                     7th & 52 NY Inf.                08JAN1837-31DEC1920       Atlantic City

                       Cemetery in Pleasantville , NJ       (Belideve your Line 27 is a mispelled version of Guenther)

Line 15  Hoenerson   should be William C HOHNEISEN     Pvt. Co. C  119th N.Y. Inf                   1849-1922                EHC Cem.

                                                                                            Line 17  Krieg, William   first name is WILHELM                 Pvt. Co B 27th PA Vol Inf.    10JAN1840-29MAR1924      

  Germani Cemetery, Germania ( Galloway Twp.), NJ      

                       [Wilhelm is  my maternal great-grandfather. After my great-grandmother died in 1901, he remarried in Philadelphia .                       

 Sometime later he went to stay at the Sailors & Soldiers Home of Erie, PA before returning to his daughter's, my 

                       grandmother house in Egg Harbor City where he died a few years later.                    John Krieg is unkown to me]


Line 18  Mischlich, William                                                                                                               1836-1915                EHC Cem

Line 21  Mlotkowskie Stanislow  should be MLOTKOWSKI, STANISLAW                  19APR1827-19AUG1900        EHC Cem

                  (Other Mlotkowskis in Lines 19 & 20 are unknown.  May be mispelled duplicates.)

                                                                                           Lines 22 & 23  Morgenweek/Morgawick should be MORGENWECK

                         The only "H" Morgenweck in the area who served in the Civil War was Priv. HENRY MORGENWECK, Co. F

                         5th  NY Vols.   He died  23MAY1877, aged 39 years, and is buried in Egg Harbor City Cemetery

                                                                                            Line 24    Natter, Jacob         

 This entry poses serious questions. Some records show that Jacob is correct while others show the name as John Natter.

 To make matters worse the 1870 US Census lists three separate households of Natters in EHC with two Jacob Natters and

 two John Natters.One John Natter was 34 yrs old and a carpenter and apprently his father John was 85 yrs old. One of the Jacobs

 was 55 yrs old and lived with the aforementioned John Natters.  The other Jacob in a separate household was 35 yrs old and 

a blacksmith.The only grave maker in the Natter family lot is for John Natter, the 34 year old carpenter,

 that is marked by the VFW as a veteran.  Even his surviving family members aren't sure which is which.

Line 25     Obergfell, George                                                                                                 04JUL1828-31JUL1896      EHC Cem

Line 26     Prasch, John                                                        Pvt. Co.D, 24th N.J.Vols.            AUG1843-14MAR1913   EHC Cem

Line 29     Rohrberg, George   (add middle init. C)               Corp.Co. D, 24th NJ Vols.          NOV1844-22JUN1912    EHC Cem

Line 30     Saslman      should be  SAALMAN, CHARLES       Capt. 75th PA Vol                          1836- FEB1909       EHC Cem

                                                                                            Line 31    Schwickerath, John             

 We do not have a John Schwickerath in the cemetery records, but there is a large underground

                         burial vault with "J.L.Schwickerath" on a boarder threshhold stone. There are no records for this vault or its contents.

                         There is a Cpl. Peter Joseph Schwickerath,  Co. K, 23rd NJ Vol Inf.  (21NOV1827-20JAN1913). There is a notation

                         that the New Jersey Adjutant General records list him as JOSEPH.  This may be who is on the list. A search of online

                         NJ payment vouchers produces two hits for "Joseph" in Co. K, 23rd NJ Vol Inf,  nothing for John. 

                         J.L. and Peter Joseph are in two separate lots more than 140 yards apart.

Line 32    Sprecht, Charles   should be SPECHT                   Corp. Co. A, 1st NJ Lt. Art. Vols.      unknown-22APR1885 Germania

Line 33    Steuber, John   (add middle init. C)                                                                             JUN1830-13JUN1916     EHC Cem

Line 34    Voss, Henry    (add middle init. P)                          Pvt.   Co. B, 75th PA Vol. Inf.    06JUL1844-02MAR1923   EHC Cem

Line 35    Washow, Fred   should be  WASCHOW, FERDINAND                                     26MAR1825-02MAR1912   EHC-Cem

                        (many of our records have Ferdinand abbreviated to Ferd.or Fred. for the same person.)

                                                                                          Line 36   Weisserborn, Francis    should be WEISSENBORN, FRANZ   (Franz on headstone/aka "Francis")

                                                                                             Sgt. 2nd N.Y., Battery Y          22JAN1826-28MAR1887


Many of our Civil War veterans served in other states. We are fortunate that many included their units on the headstones. 

In some cases, such as William Hohneisen, a relative had his discharge paper. In the late 1880s it was found that many burial records were

 never forwarded to the state and the local records are also missing during this period. Shortly after this was discovered,

 the state removed the cemetery from the Glouscester Farm & Town Association ownership and assigned it to the City Clerk of the 

City of Egg Harbor City.

Thank you for taking the time to maintain this site. I know how much time is required.

Mark W. Maxwell,  President

Egg Harbor City Historical Society, Inc.


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